Monday, April 4, 2011

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alright Crazy Pitches... The week you all have been waiting for has finally arrived! Softball season has finally come! This Thursday is going to bring back memories of past championships and heartbreaks, but we can't let this cloud our focus of what we are here to do, to win even more championships! And how are we to do this one may ask? By one game at a time, one at-bat at a time, one throw at a time, and one pitch at a time. We need to remember that we are a team, and although you can spell "me" out of the letters of "team", you must remember that "me" is only a part of the whole word "team". You better get this concept or else we are in trouble.. Anyways, good news Crazy Pitches! Our team jerseys have arrived and I must say they are spectacular! We're going to look amazingly sharp in them. They remind me of the LA dodgers jerseys but with our own personal touch to make them ours. I have mine on right now, I've had it on for the past six hours and I'm contemplating sleeping in it. Just a quick note to Shawn, don't let this Dodger style jersey give you the excuse to play like Manny. Anyways, below I have included this years schedule. We are team number 1.. Huh, coincidence? I would like to say it's more like Destiny! Guys, lets hit it hard this year! Lets practice more, play harder, run faster, be smarter, and have fun winning.. This year is in our hands, and we can make the choice right now what we want to do with it. We are the artists of our fate, we just have to mold it with hard work and focus. Alright Crazy Pitches, PLAY BALL!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Back Crazy Pitches!

Well guys here we are, the snow is melting away and the rain storms are becoming less frequent. The Spring is about to be sprung, and those girls are dusting off their favorite Spring clothing, mmmMMM! Do you all know what this means? Its time for... SOFTBALL! I'm sure everyone is anxious to watch Casey's vacuum of a glove, Tyler's tomahawk swing, and Shawn and Brandon's HBO worthy fights. I know the girls can't wait to get a peek at dales tight, body forming, slide enhancing, intimidating, black magic sliding pants, mmmMMM! Crazy Pitches, are you ready to bust some softballs?!

This year is going to be an interesting one because there has been some changes to our roster and lineup. This season we have to say goodbye to a few heavy hitters. A lifelong Crazy Pitch known for his outfield and 30 ot 6 hunting rifle, Dane Ericson. Dane has taken a job up North and due to some time constraints will be taken off the roster. A shorter lived Crazy Pitch known for his Dwayne Wade Jersey and his big bountiful bat, Brad Ichiro Warner will be leaving us. He has taken an internship this summer and will be learning the arts of the FBI. We're sad to see these two go, but I'm sure we'll be seeing them in future seasons.

We have some growing to do, and just like a young lad that must grow into his mature body, there will be some growing pains involved with our team. We may not achieve perfection this year, but we are going to give it our all, right? Just like Rudy Ruettiger had a dream to play collegiate football for one of the best college football teams of his time, we must all have a unified dream to achieve greatness, both on and off the field of dreams. So what is this roster and who are our new teammates? These are just a couple questions you may be asking yourselves. Well let me introduce them to you right now.

Chris Wilding: Catcher/Outfield #00

Just fresh off the mish, Chris is an original Crazy Pitch with a fierce personality and a love of kicking some mad trash. Chris, a native of Guatemala, takes his softball seriously. One of his biggest strengths is getting in "opponents heads" and takes pleasure in his ability to take sarcasm a little too far. Many of you may not know, but Chris is an artist at heart, he uses his artistic abilities to sculpt his body. We're happy to have Chris back and welcome him with open arms.

Kevin Kirkland: 1st Base #10

Kevin, a father of two, is one of our two lefties on the team. He brings a glove to the team that reminds me of Prince Fielder and has a bat that has potential to hit it out of the park on a good windy day. Kevin likes to cross dress, not sure why, but don't let this picture of Kevin fool you, he has a heart of a tiger and legs of a soccer player.

Gordon Hansen: Pitcher/2nd Base #21

As this years team manager, I'm glad to be playing with such a great bunch of role models. I'm coming off a ski injury and am working my way back to 100% before the season starts. During the off season, I worked on my pitching and have added a few nasty pitches to my arsenal. I have also expanded my playability to second base and hope to train my older brother my pitching skills.

Casey Kirkland: Shortstop #12

Recently married to a cheetah, Casey brings a wealth of talent that lifts the team to another level. This Crazy Pitch brings the fire we need to warm our benches and ignite our desires to win. Casey has a big stick and has more then just warning track power. Casey recently bought a white glove, but I can't tell anymore because he's not afraid to get it dirty. Casey's favorite play: 6-6-3 double play.

Scott Peterson: 3rd Base #13

I've known Scottie P since I was 7, and one talent of his has never ceased to amaze me, his ability to dance. Scott has taken this skill and has applied it to softball, he dances around those bases, its amazing. Scotties favorite spot to hit the ball is up the middle. In an interview, Scott was asked what type of sunglasses he preferred to wear in the field, he responded, "Oakley's".

Brandon Smith: Outfield #19

R. Brandon Smith is a one of a kind player, he not only brings skills one would only dream of having, but he also brings humor and the river dance. We are hoping this skill will aid us this year in calming us down in stressful situations. Brandon also has a talent of making friends no matter where he is. Although Brandon has this great talent, there is one warning in small print with this kid, and if I were you I would not want to find out what it was. Favorite animal: the beaver. Favorite type of dance: interpretive

Shawn "Manny" Hansen: Outfield/Pitcher #8

My big bro has made me proud to say that he is my brother. Although he idolizes Manny Ramirez in the way he plays outfield, I would have to say, and I'm sure you would all concur, that he is the most consistent with the bat. He has the control to hit in all directions, including out of the park. He has been playing the longest and I would have to label him the father of the team. He brings skills from High School baseball and his favorite coach, coach Reid.

Ben Truman: Outfield #2

Every team needs a celebrity on it, and that's why we have Ben on ours. From the music group, Truman, Ben brings other talents to our team other then his music skills. Ben's intensity and hustle is a team motivator that gets our team on the move. Ben is taking softball very seriously, he bought a Golds Gym membership and has bulked up over the off season. As you can see from this picture, his well defined pec muscles will aid in his ability to hit the long ball. Ben is our other lefty. Favorite disease: Mono

Dale Olenik: Outfield #11

Just the sight of dale commands feelings of fear and anxiety in our opponents. His silky, yet stylish baseball pants shows off the curves he was so plentifully blessed with. Although in earlier seasons you may have thought Dale was running with rocks in his shoes, this past season his speed had greatly improved, along with his bat. Dale is our most consistent outfielder, he has great perception and rarely makes an error. Dale has eaten himself through many bags of seeds, his love for seeds shows his love for softball.

Brady Decker: Outfield/Utility #9

Brady has been a newer addition to the Crazy Pitches, but he has never failed to bring his amazing talent and his entourage of ladies. The total ladies man, I sometimes wonder if he is playing for the team, or the ladies. But one thing is for sure, he can play. We recruited him from the Oakton Orioles where he was putting up some amazing numbers. He was an expensive pick up, but worth it. Look at his picture, it tells it all.

Todd Utterback: Catcher/Outfield #24

Last but not least, coming from Scottsdale AZ, we have transplanted our #1 fan from the stands to the field. He has made some guest appearances on our team in the past, but has now found himself on our team roster. Although our youngest member on the team, Todd looks old for his age. He has been told that he looks 32 at least, and I believe it. This goes along with what we as Crazy Pitches are trying to accomplish, intimidate. We're not totally sure where Todd's place stands on the team, but I am sure that we will find that out. Favorite title for a friend: guy

If you're wondering when our first game is, it will be held on April 9th. We are playing every Thursday, double headers. This is all the information I have right now and will receive more information the first week of April. I have already paid for the team and everyone owes me $45. I would like to have this ASAP. I would like to collect this by this weekend. To make it easy, I'll take cash or check. Thanks!

Well Crazy Pitches, that's our team roster. It's locked and loaded and ready for some pitches. So put on your jocks, brush off your cups, and lets get ready to play some ball!